Latex Hybrid Mattresses Vs. Memory Foam: Which One Is Better?

The accessibility of online shopping has made hybrid mattresses very popular. Many manufacturers offer hybrid mattresses in different sizes, including hybrids in a box to meet rising demand.

The latex and memory-foam hybrids are the most commonly used. Each type of hybrid has its pros and cons, making it hard to decide which one to choose. We will provide information to help you make an informed choice.

What Is A Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress And How Does It Work?

A memory foam hybrid consists of a memory-foam comfort layer and a supportive base made from coils. This hybrid design combines an innerspring bed with a memory foam mattress. A true hybrid bed must have at minimum 2 to 3 inches of Memory foam.

Why would a manufacturer combine elements of memory foam and innerspring mattresses? The reason is that a hybrid’s design minimizes each of the downsides.

The addition of pressure-relieving Foam to a hybrid makes it more comfortable than a traditional innerspring. The hybrid mattress is more breathable than traditional memory foam. Although hybrids have the potential to minimize the weaknesses of innerspring and memory foam mattresses, there are still some downsides that you need to be aware of.

Memory Foam Hybrids – The Pros

Pressure Relief

Memory foam is an excellent material for pressure relief. It can be shaped to your body by being sensitive to heat and pressure. Memory foam provides full-body support, which helps you sleep more comfortably.

For pressure relief, some manufacturers may arrange their hybrid coils in a specific way. The coils can be placed below sensitive areas like your hips and shoulders with thinner, softer coils. This cushion helps to contour and relieve pressure points.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam was created for aircraft to increase survival chances in a crash. The material absorbs shock right at the point where it hits. Memory foam, when placed in a mattress prevents any movement from ripping through the mattress.

With its support base of pocketed coils, a hybrid reduces motion isolation. Each coil is wrapped so that it can respond individually to your movements. This reduces the possibility of sags.

What Is A Latex Hybrid Mattress And How Does It Work?

A latex hybrid mattress has a latex top and coil support. The foam top should contain at least 2-3 inches of latex.

Two types of natural latex are available: Talalay and Dunlop. Both are made of rubber tree sap. Produces following the Talalay method add synthetic materials. Dunlop latex, therefore, is 100 percent natural.

There are mattresses made with synthetic latex. Synthetic latex mattresses tend to be less durable and more long-lasting than natural latex. But synthetic latex is an economical alternative and can be used if you are allergic to natural latex.

Pros Of Latex Hybrids

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, durable and comfortable mattress that still has some bounce, a latex hybrid can be a great choice.


A hybrid that has a latex top might have more bounce than an average hybrid mattress. Latex is springy material that gives off a natural lift. Hybrid latex made in Canada is a great choice if you like to lay on top of your bed instead of sinking.


Natural latex mattresses can be a long-lasting product. Dunlop latex, which is made from Talalay latex and poly-foam blends, is the most sustainable choice. Some latex mattress makers also use natural materials like organic wool.

You can shop green by making sure you only buy natural latex mattresses. Synthetic latex mattresses are made of chemical compounds and so they’re not eco-friendly.


Natural latex mattresses have a long history of durability. A well-maintained latex mattress can last for up to 15 years. This is more than double the lifespan of an average memory foam mattress, which lasts around 7 years.

But, it is still unknown how long a latex hybrid bed will last. We can’t guarantee that a latex hybrid will last more than ten years because the design is still in development. Even though latex is sturdy, many coils sag after 5 to 7 years. A base that is not supportive of the coils will cause even the most resilient top layer to feel uncomfortable.

Mattress Firmness

Memory foam and latex hybrids both have one thing in common. They are available in many firmnesses. It all depends on how you sleep and what your body type is. Your sleeping position will determine where pressure points build up. Side sleepers often have pressure buildup in their hips, shoulders, and hips. Side sleeping beds should have a medium to soft feel.