How to Lose Inches off Your Waist and Keep it Off

When you want to lose inches from your waist, there are several ways to do it. You might think that having a smaller waist makes you vain, but a tinier waist can also improve your health in other ways, including protecting your heart and preventing diabetes mellitus. Here are several ways to reduce the size of your waist.

Frequent Exercise

With the right types of frequent exercise, you can reduce the size of your waist. There are DVDs and books that will explain the best types of exercises to do so that you can have a smaller waist. Some of the best exercises include twisting your body at the waist, touching your toes or performing crunches. These exercises will reduce the fat in your midsection while also toning the muscles in the waist area.

Dietary Changes

If you want to lose fat in your midsection, then you should make some dietary changes. Eliminate the foods that are high in fat, including potato chips or ice cream. Additional foods to avoid are cheese or some types of meats. You can count calories along with reducing the portion sizes of the foods that you consume to reduce your total weight.


With CoolSculpting, you will visit a medical practitioner’s office for a minor procedure. This fat-freezing technique is considered minimally invasive, and a physician can target the fat that is around your midsection. With this procedure, the fat cells are frozen, and this causes the cells to disappear, leading to a smaller waist. You won’t have a long recovery time after this procedure, so you can return to your normal lifestyle the next day.

Special Undergarments

To lose weight in the waist, many celebrities are recommending a special undergarment that cinches in the waist for most of the day and night. Waist cinchers are tight undergarments that will squeeze the waist. The individuals who use waist cinchers believe that the items will train the waist to be thinner. Also known as corsets, you can find numerous sizes and styles of this type of undergarment.

Liposuction Procedure

With a liposuction procedure, the fat is suctioned from your body with special instruments, and it is thrown away. A surgeon will sculpt your waist while suctioning the fat, and you can also have a tummy tuck surgery in combination with the liposuction. This type of surgery can lead to a smaller waist, but you will need a recovery time because a tummy tuck requires incisions and stitches.

In addition to the other methods for reducing the size of your waist, many individuals recommend lifting weights. It is important to understand the proper repetitions for using weights so that you will have the best outcome.