Can You Get Yourself Un-High Quickly by Using CBD Oil?

Marijuana has a compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, which can create psychoactive effect when it reaches your bloodstream. Often a novice user of marijuana and also few experienced stoners may get euphoric by either taking an overdose or more than their level of tolerance.

However, if you ever feel too “high” then you should not panic.  Usually, weed will not do much harm to you like opioid or any other harmful drugs.

You can also try using CBD. Now the question is where can I buy CBD oil? Visit any local store, Just CBD store website, They sell wide range of CBD products for everyone. CBD unlike THC will not produce any psychoactive effects and can help you to un-high yourself.

Following are few other ways you can get out of your “high” feeling, if you have accidentally reached such situation.

  • Be calm

Often in such situation people may get an intense feeling and as a result, they may tend to go out of control. You need to keep your mind calm by either of following ways:

  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Watch a funny movie
  • Breathing exercise
  • Play computer games
  • Play musical instrument
  • Engage yourself


  • Try to hydrate immediately

You must try to hydrate yourself by taking sufficient amount of water or any other soft drinks so that you may not feel dry mouth. Never try to drink alcohol in such condition

  • Take cold shower or hot bath

Another thing that you can do is take cold shower bath. This can offer you enough relief. If it is cold season then dip yourself in bathtub with hot water. This will help you to regain control in your body.

Also, soak yourself in salt water for 20 minutes and then take cold bath for 5 minutes.

  • Walk

You must get your body moving and by taking short walk in your balcony, you can also help in regulating your blood pressure and your mind may get diverted from your present situation.

Taking long breathe while walking too will help.

  • Talk to friend

Talking to some of your friends can also help as it can divert your mind. While talking to someone you will avoid doing anything risky that can hurt yourself during “high” state.

  • Eat something

Eating certain snack item can also be helpful under such situation. You may eat certain nuts that can help in removing your mental fog. You can also take lemon, which is a tried and tested method used to get rid of the “high” state.

Even sniffing few peppercorns can also help in such situation.

  • Get a nap

If nothing else helps then the best thing you can do is take a nap after bath. Even if you cannot get sleep, don’t bother. Simple rest can also help you under such conditions.

You may also do a combination of few things mentioned above to get quick relief from your present condition.

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