Various Reasons That Cause Sleep Apnea and Other Health Issues

Sleeping disorder can occur to anyone. There can be many reasons for affecting sleep negatively. We’re not talking about depression and anxiety, but a serious illness that is affected due to the narrow airway in the throat, nose, and mouth. Yes, stress and depression also cause illnesses, but sleep apnea can get cured with few changes in lifestyle, diet plans, and use of CPAP machines.

The muscle behind the neck collapses, which narrows the air passage. When the airway narrows, you get less oxygen. Muscles relax and get rejuvenated during sleep. Hence, when you get less oxygen, your brain signals your body automatically, and you gasp for breath during sleep.

The struggle to get air results in loud snoring and weird noises. People suffering from sleep apnea often have a restless night, unknowingly they have phases of sleep, and hence they don’t know the reason for fatigue and tiredness in the morning. There isn’t any harm in contacting a sleep specialist if your partner complains about loud snores. The first thing that recommends is to undergo a sleep apnea test. You can get this test done from any clinic, hospital, or pharmacist.

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There may be many reasons for the suffering of sleep apnea –

  • Obesity leads to fat deposits at the bottom of the tongue and pharynx, which reduces the capacity of the lungs to inhale oxygen. The airway frequency can collapse while a person is sleeping.
  • Metabolic disorder in diabetic people and other ailments can also suffer breathing difficulties during their sleep.
  • Males are prone to sleep disorder more than females because of the testosterone effects. Women undergo sleep apnea more after menopause, removal of ovaries or PCOD, and PCOS.
  • The sleeping position also affects a person’s breathing style. Anyone sleeping on their back is more likely to suffer from breathing problems because of the tongue shifts in the throat, which blocks the usual flow of oxygen.
  • REM or rapid eye movement during sleep is considered a good habit for a healthy body. However, most doctors claim that REM sleep also leads to the collapse of muscles and increases the sleep apnea intervals.
  • Age plays a major factor in sleep apnea. As people age, their chances of snoring and breathlessness increases because their tissues and muscles relax and paralyze faster.
  • Alcohol consumption before bedtime relaxes the airway muscles. It can increase the chances of sleep apnea and snore.
  • Smoking aggravates the mucosa in the airways, which can provoke snoring. Nicotine leads to disruptive sleep and long term health problems.
  • Deficiency if Vitamin D can also result in various health issues that can further result in sleep disruption. Therefore, take a proper amount of nutritional food along with sunlight to ensure Vitamin D fulfillment in the body.

There are various medicines available that help in getting good sleep at night. However, that cannot be a permanent solution. Why do you wish to rely on medicine if certain changes in diet and lifestyle can give you a healthy life?