Differences Between Goat Milk Formula and Cow Milk – Know What Are They?

New mamas get confused about choosing the right formula for their little ones. They often think about choosing goat milk or cow milk. Like cow milk, goat milk is also versatile, and it is prevalent in various cultures and included in the diet of children throughout the world.

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Whether you are expecting a baby or a new mom, this article will help you in understanding the differences between goat milk and cow milk. It helps to choose one that satisfies your baby.

Goat milk vs. cow milk formula

Like cow milk, goat milk is also versatile, and it is prevalent in various cultures and included in the diet of children throughout the world.

Nutritional values

The truth is, both goat milk and cow milk formulas are the same as they mimic the minerals and vitamins of breast milk. However, goat milk is rich in certain minerals and vitamins, while cow milk has high levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Goat milk is produced by the udder of the goat (an apocrine secretion) – similar to breast milk produced by the apocrine gland. Moreover, goat milk contains amino acids, free peptides, vitamin A, and little carotene. It is the best alternative for babies who are allergic to cow’s milk or lactose.


If your baby is allergic to cow milk or unable to digest the formula, organically sourced goat milk is an ideal choice. It is because goat milk has small fat globules, which helps the enzymes to break down the fat faster. Also, goat milk has a high amount of fatty acids (arachidonic and linoleic) – aid in the digestion process and produces energy quickly.


Lactose is the common sugar found in both goat milk and cow milk formulas, which is also found in breast milk. Those who have low levels of lactase (enzyme) are lactose intolerant. Such people need less lactose. Goat milk will have a low amount of lactose compared to cow milk. So, most people choose goat milk for children who are lactose intolerant.


In general, an allergy is a reaction caused due to the protein in the milk. Casein is a protein present in breast milk. Alpha S1 Casein is the common casein found in cow and goat milk, which can cause allergic reaction in infants. Compared to cow milk, goat milk contains less alpha S1 casein, so it is considered as the better option by many people.


Goat milk is converted into vitamin A efficiently compared to cow milk. So, goat milk is whiter and creamier, while cow milk is yellow in color.

Goat milk is not only rich in nutritional values, but also delicious too. If your child is allergic to lactose or struggling with digestive problems, goat milk formulas are the perfect option. They help your child with the digestive process and support the immune system.

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