The Best Way to Take CBD Oil – Get to Know the Simple Ways

CBD has become a revolutionary product and it may seem to be complex at first. These days, CBD oil has gained more popularity because of its plethora of advantages. Also, since it is being used in a number of products, choosing the right type for you may seem a bit overwhelming. While you are thinking which product, you should buy for yourself, and you need tp understand how to take the most common product, i.e. the CBD oil.

Buying CBD oil is easy. You must always buy it from a reputed brand. Best quality product will give you the desired results much faster. You should do an online research of which products to buy before you are placing your order.

Check for users who have used it and posted a review. Now, you must understand how to take different forms of CBD oil, we have listed everything for you for better understanding.

Inhalation: Smoking and Vaping

This is one of the common and the fastest form to absorb CBD oil since it directly goes to your lungs and gets quickly absorbed by the bloodstream.


For smoking you will be needing cannabidiol in the concentrated form. You should have an oil smoking rig which resembles like the water pipe. First you need to put the CBD oil in the holding chamber and then you need to heat it. After that with the dabber, you need to inhale the vapour rising from the rig. Alternatively, you can also smoke a joint by rolling out good quality of marijuana CBD. This means that you might be also inhaling some THC and experience a psychoactive effect. Hence, in order just to enjoy the benefits of it, you must only go for CBD oil.

Advantages of smoking CBD oil

  • This is the highest and purest form of CBD oil available in the market. Needless to say, it is also fastest absorbed by the blood.
  • Can be quantified while consuming this type and you will not use extra amount.


  • It may seem difficult to inhale if you are not a smoker. At times, you may also experience a tingling effect on your throat.
  • Highest concentration available in the form of oil and you may not require such high dosage
  • Requires accessories in order to use it. Hence not travel friendly.

Vaping CBD oil

This can be done by using a small vaporiser pen. If you are vaping for the first time, then you should start with a beginner’s kit. It is an alternative to smoking so you can still enjoy the same benefits.

Advantages of Vaping

  • Smoke is subtle and does not have any affect on throat and lungs
  • You can control the dosage as it is required in small amount

Disadvantages of Vaping

  • Requires an extra purchase of the pen
  • For faster results you have to repeat the process as the pen does not hold very much quantity of the oil.


This is the process where you put very few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, keep it for few seconds and then swallow it. This can be the best if you are starting for the first time. Also, it does not require any extra purchase and you can still get the desired results. However, you need to buy CBD oil which can be consumed through mouth. It is a different type of oil as the extraction process is different.