Factors That Influence The Length Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

An increase in breast size is a common cosmetic treatment that many people choose to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Even though everyone’s choice is different when it comes to breast enlargement, it’s important to know that the length of the surgery can change a lot. Many factors can influence how long a breast augmentation surgery takes, and patients often wonder what contributes to these variations.

Surgical Technique

The choice of surgical technique is a crucial factor that can significantly affect the duration of breast augmentation surgery. Different techniques, such as submuscular or sub-glandular placement, come with varying complexities and surgical times.

Submuscular placement involves positioning the implants beneath the chest muscles. This technique tends to take a bit longer as it requires more precision in muscle dissection and implant placement. On the other hand, sub-glandular placement, where the implants are positioned beneath the breast tissue but above the chest muscles, may generally be a quicker procedure. However, the best technique for each patient is determined by their individual goals and anatomical considerations.

Incision Type

The choice of incision type also plays a significant role in the duration of the surgery. There are several incision options, including inframammary (under the breast), periareolar (around the nipple), and transaxillary (in the armpit). Each incision type has its advantages and potential impact on surgical time.

Inframammary incisions are often preferred by surgeons as they provide direct access to the breast pocket, allowing for precise implant placement. Periareolar incisions are discreet but require careful attention to detail. Transaxillary incisions, while less common, may take longer due to the intricate process of creating the breast pocket through a remote access point.

Implant Type And Size

The choice of breast implants is a highly personal decision that can impact the surgery’s duration. There are many forms, sizes, and materials of implants, and each one has its own set of things to think about.

The size and type of implants a patient selects can influence the complexity of the procedure. Larger implants or those with a unique shape may require more meticulous surgical techniques, potentially extending the surgery time. Smith Plastic Surgery offers a range of implant options, and during the consultation process, patients are advised on the best choice to achieve their desired outcome.

Patient Anatomy

Everybody’s body is different, and this is a big part of what determines how long breast enlargement surgery takes. Factors such as breast shape, size, and natural symmetry can affect the complexity of the procedure.

Patients with uneven or asymmetrical breasts may require additional time to ensure that the final result is aesthetically pleasing and balanced. Smith Plastic Surgery’s experienced surgeons carefully assess each patient’s anatomy during the consultation to create a tailored surgical plan that addresses their specific needs.

Additional Procedures

Women may choose to get breast enlargement along with other cosmetic treatments like liposuction or a breast lift (mastopexy). The inclusion of additional procedures can extend the overall surgical time.

While combining procedures can be efficient in terms of recovery and downtime, it is essential to consider that the overall surgery duration will be longer due to the inclusion of multiple steps. Smith Plastic Surgery’s comprehensive approach to cosmetic surgery allows patients to discuss their goals and explore options for combined procedures during consultations.

Surgeon’s Experience And Skill

The expertise and experience of the surgeon performing the breast augmentation surgery play a significant role in determining how long the procedure takes. Highly skilled and experienced surgeons often work more efficiently, reducing the surgical time without compromising on safety or quality.

Smith Plastic Surgery is renowned for its team of skilled and board-certified surgeons who prioritize patient safety and satisfaction. Their expertise allows for a streamlined surgical process that minimizes unnecessary delays while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Pre-Operative Preparation

The preparation process before the surgery day can also influence the surgery’s duration. Adequate pre-operative planning, including patient education, anesthesia administration, and ensuring all necessary equipment and materials are on hand, can contribute to a more efficient surgical experience.

Smith Plastic Surgery places a strong emphasis on comprehensive pre-operative preparations to ensure that patients are well-informed and that the surgical team is fully equipped for a successful procedure.


In conclusion, the duration of breast augmentation surgery can vary depending on several factors, including surgical technique, incision type, implant choice, patient anatomy, additional procedures, surgeon expertise, and pre-operative preparation. Each of these elements contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the procedure.

Smith Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing patients with a personalized and exceptional cosmetic surgery experience. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each breast augmentation surgery is tailored to the individual’s unique goals and anatomy, while also prioritizing safety and efficiency. Patients can trust that the skilled surgeons at Smith Plastic Surgery will work diligently to achieve beautiful results within a reasonable surgical timeframe.