What is the distinction between obstetrics and gynecology?

Obstetrics and gynecology are medical specialties that specialize in two distinct parts of the female reproductive system. At LLM obgyn, we care for women at all stages of their life, whether they are expecting a child or have reached menopause.

Obstetrics is concerned with the treatment of pregnant women, their unborn children, labor and delivery, and the time immediately after childbirth. The obstetrician ensures that mother and child get the finest prenatal care possible to ensure that labor and delivery go smoothly and that, if intervention is required, it is done swiftly and safely.

Gynecology deals with any ailment that affects the reproductive organs, which include the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, and vagina. Because the colon, bladder, and urine systems are so intimately associated with the female reproductive systems, a gynecologist may also treat these issues.

After receiving a general medical degree, an obstetrician or gynecologist must complete a minimum of four years of resident training. The two specializations are inextricably linked, and the majority of these professionals offer services in both areas. This is why we see OBGYNs on these physicians’ office doors. Obstetricians specialize in pregnancy and delivery, although 90% of gynecologists also deliver infants.


Obstetrics is concerned with the health of the pregnant mother and her baby. Several issues may occur during pregnancy, including ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when the embryo is in a fallopian tube, foetal discomfort caused by compression, placental abnormalities, or high blood pressure, which can be a precursor to a dangerous sickness called pre-eclampsia.

The obstetrician is skilled in these and other delivery difficulties and ensures that both mother and baby are safely guided through all stages of pregnancy and childbirth. An obstetrician is educated to manage any change that occurs throughout the natural, but often difficult, the process of delivery, whether the baby is delivered vaginally or by a scheduled or emergency caesarian section.

Following birth, an obstetrician is concerned with the mother’s and child’s health, ensuring that both make the transition into ordinary everyday life without the grave problems that were prevalent a century ago and, sadly, are still happening in third-world nations.

Obstetrics is a medical specialty that has made pregnancy and labor a life-changing experience that can be approached with confidence since modern science has made the process safe and predictable.


While the majority of gynecologists are also obstetricians, the specialty of gynecology focuses on all aspects of a woman’s reproductive health from adolescence through menopause and beyond.

Women see their gynecologist once a year for a Pap test and pelvic exam. Infections, pain, or discomfort in the uterus, genitals, or breasts are some reasons a woman may see her gynecologist. Gynecologists may also help with infertility and contraception.

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