The advantages of a physician-supervised weight-loss programme

You believe you are consuming healthy foods. You work out at least a couple of times every week. Despite this, you gain a few pounds each year.

Trying to lose weight on your own in a society full of temptations, contradicting information, and limited time may be difficult particularly if you don’t know why you gained the weight in the first place. Is it because you eat too much and don’t exercise enough, or is it simply a normal part of getting older?

Physician assisted weightloss will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life through physician-assisted weight loss. Unlike fad diets, physician-assisted weight reduction is tailored to your unique metabolism, underlying medical conditions, and current level of fitness.

You do not follow a diet.

If you’ve tried typical weight-loss regimens, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that they don’t work, or that they only work for a short period of time. You may be able to attain your ideal weight, but you will regain it all over time. You’re probably heavier now than you were before you began the diet.

When you use calorie restriction as your only method of weight loss, your body detects the shortage and starts to behave as if it is hungry. So, after you’ve achieved your desired weight and resume regular eating, your body stores every ounce of fat it can to avoid another famine episode.

A physician-supervised weight-loss programme does not cause your body to go into famine mode. While you may eat fewer calories than usual, you eat meals that entirely and thoroughly feed your body, ensuring that it receives the nutrients and fuel it needs to perform efficiently.

Everything revolves around you

A complete assessment, including a physical examination, medical history, and a full metabolic workup, precedes your physician-supervised weight reduction. Your pure medicine doctor does blood work and other laboratory testing to determine the health of your thyroid, if your hormones are balanced, and to rule out any other illnesses that might be contributing to your weight gain.

Your doctor creates a weight-loss regimen based on the findings of your tests and physical that you can easily adapt to your present lifestyle. Physician-supervised weight reduction allows you to progressively drop extra pounds while improving your overall health and fitness.

• Treatment of underlying problems that lead to weight gain

• Adding healthy meals that you like

• Avoiding foods that cause inflammation

• An exercise regimen that is appropriate for your skills

• FDA-approved prescription drugs to promote fat-burning

Your group has your back

You’re never alone when you lose weight with the help of a doctor. You collaborate with your doctor from the start to identify the best strategy to lose weight and keep it off. Your doctor will assist you in developing healthy, attainable objectives so that you are never disappointed or hungry.

Physician-assisted weight reduction at pure medicine involves monthly monitoring. You will have the opportunity to speak with your doctor about how the programme is working for you and any difficulties you are experiencing. Regular monitoring ensures that your underlying issues are treated and that your prescribed drugs are effective.