Read To Know How You Can Buy Your Best Loose Leaf Tea

There is no doubt that people will always be more interested to get the best quality of tea when they will consume it. As compared to coffee, the popularity of tea is also quite high and you can easily find this drink in any restaurant as well as at home.

You can buy good quality loose leaf tea leaves from the website of Yoshantea, which is well-known as a supplier of good quality and fresh tea.

Generally, while buying tea, people have the option to buy either teabags or loose leaf tea. Loose tea as well as teabags is available on the market in abundance.

However, people generally prefer more to use loose tea leaves rather than tea bags. The following are the basic reasons for that:

  • Loose-leaf tea can be used up to 3 times while teabags only use once and hence loose leaf tea is more cost-effective.
  • Teabags may contain dust and many other impurities.
  • Usually, teabags will be old stock while loose teas will be fresher stock.

What to see while buying tea

While selecting loose leaf tea, you must pay attention to its sturdiness as they are not supposed to be crumbling. The vibrancy of their color will denote the freshness and aroma of their dried leaves. You may however learn about your tea more when you will start brewing it and begin to sip.

If your flavor of the tea is faint, astringent, or you get the hint of any presence of chemicals, then its leaves are either of very poor quality or must be pretty old. Try to research the source from where the tea leaves are coming from. Any good tea brand must know about its origin and then promote its sustainability and fair price.

Where to buy your loose leaf tea?

Similar to most other natural products, even tea will also taste best if you buy it fresh. However, if you buy from the market then you will find that most of the loose leaf teas that are available are hardly any fresh product. Usually, most of the teas available may take almost a year when they will reach your cup.

That is because the tea will pass through a very big supply chain where multiple numbers of middlemen and also storage houses will be involved.

Since your tea will make such a long journey from their plantation to reach your home, gradually it may lose its natural flavor and aroma. There are a few common tea brands that try to enhance chemically their teas with certain natural and artificial flavoring.

It is pity that most of today’s well-known tea brands that you also must be using in your kitchen may also include harmful chemicals to boost their flavor and also shelf life.

Therefore, if you are interested to consume only the purest and freshest form of any loose leaf teas, then you can try to research those suppliers who bring their tea stock directly from tea plantations.

These teas generally reach your home within 3 months after their harvesting from plantations. They are considered to be the best variety of loose leaf teas that are available on the market.


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